If you suffer from TMJ, migraine treatment can helpIf you are one of the millions of Americans suffering from frequent migraine headaches, you know how debilitating they can be. To treat migraine pain, many people look to prescription medications which serve to dull the pain. However, the side effects can also interrupt your ability to work and enjoy life. What’s more, these medications can become addictive and result in internal damages, all without addressing the underlying problem.

A common cause of migraine headaches is TMJ, a disorder in the jaw joint that can produce pain throughout the face, head, and neck. If TMJ is the cause, only a neuromuscular dentist can provide you with the treatment you need for long-term relief.

Dr. Wanda Mejia is a neuromuscular dentist with years of experience helping men and women in the Tarrytown area treat migraine headaches. She can evaluate your jaw joint, detect TMJ, and help you determine the treatment option most suited to meet your needs. Please call (914) 332-4402 today for an appointment at Advanced Dentistry of Tarrytown.

How Is TMJ Linked to Migraines

Migraines themselves are mysterious. No one is completely sure how or why they happen. However, there are several possible links between TMJ and migraines.

First, it’s possible that the problem is misdiagnosis. Doctors rarely do a full battery of tests for migraines. This means that many people get a migraine diagnosis on the basis of having frequent, painful headaches. TMJ-related tension headaches could be responsible for these headaches.

But it’s also possible that TMJ and true migraines are linked. We believe the trigeminal nerve plays a critical role in migraine generation. Most of the function of the trigeminal nerve is to control and receive sensory data from the jaw muscles. Stress from TMJ could overload the trigeminal nerve, setting off the chain reaction that leads to migraines.

Neuromuscular Dentistry Migraine Treatments

At Advanced Dentistry of Tarrytown, our goal is to provide both immediate and long-term relief from migraine headaches. To accomplish this, Dr. Mejia works closely with a local neurologist to ensure you receive the most effective treatment possible.

We use a TENS unit to immediately relieve pain by relaxing the muscles in and around your jaw. Once we have achieved complete relaxation, Dr. Mejia can determine the proper alignment of your bite and begin working on a more long-term solution.

Reducing the frequency or completely eliminating your headaches may require dental restorations, treatments for malocclusion, or a customized mouthguard to be worn while you sleep. There is no single solution for every case of TMJ. Your treatment will be dependent on your unique needs and customized to restore comfort by addressing the root cause of your migraine headaches.

If you live in or around Tarrytown, New York and are suffering from frequent migraine headaches, please call

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