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If you’re unhappy with your dentures, you’re not the only one. In fact, most denture wearers are unsatisfied with their current ones because they’re unattractive, uncomfortable, and don’t fit well. But you don’t have to be unhappy with them, because there is a better way to do them. New You Dentures™ are a new approach to dentures that improves the way they fit so you can enjoy a better life with them.

To learn how much better your dentures can be, please call (914) 332-4402 or email Advanced Dentistry of Tarrytown today for an appointment with our Tarrytown cosmetic dentists.

Most Dentures Haven’t Progressed with Technology

Denture technology developed before World War II is still considered by many dentists to be “state of the art,” and it’s sadly true. What most denture dentists do can’t really be considered “art” in any real sense. They’ve worked hard on only one part of the problem: how to make dentures cheaper and faster.

As a result, many dentures made today are much cheaper than they used to be, and they look and feel like it. Economy dentures can be gotten for a low price, but they look unattractive and fit poorly. They can make you self-conscious and uncomfortable. They can even speed the loss of jawbone that comes with the loss of your teeth.

When you consider the price you pay for economy dentures in terms of irreplaceable things like your quality of life and your jawbone, they aren’t cheap: they’re priceless.

Putting “Art” Back in “State of the Art”

This amazing technology represents a better approach to making dentures. We utilize advances in dental technology that have made cosmetic dentistry and neuromuscular dentistry so successful to make the best dentures possible.

A New You Dentures™ dentist like Dr. George isn’t mass-producing them, he’s crafting them. Individually. For you.

Dr. George will use his advanced understanding of neuromuscular dentistry to ensure that your dentures properly fit your muscle structure, making them comfortable and ensuring they restore the youthful proportions of your face (see below). Then he will turn his specifications over to one of the leading dental labs in the country where a team of artisans will work to craft them so they’re as natural as possible, with teeth made of a ceramic similar to one used for porcelain veneers.

Restoring a Youthful Appearance

One common complaint about dentures is that they make you look old. But they don’t have to. The problem is that most dentures aren’t made to accommodate for the loss of volume in your lower face that comes with tooth loss. Not only are your teeth lost, but your jawbone loses volume because it isn’t supporting teeth so the body removes what it considers to be “unnecessary” bone. When this happens, your face can shrink, and if your dentures don’t replace that lost volume, you can end up with:

  • A sunken appearance
  • Hanging jowls
  • Deep facial folds around the mouth
  • “Witch’s chin”

Our denture dentists use neuromuscular dentistry to figure out the original dimensions of your teeth and jawbone so that they can replace your teeth as they were when you were young, helping to restore your youthful appearance.

New You Dentures™ can also be supported by dental implants, which allows you to eat, talk, and laugh without fear that they will come loose.

To learn more about New You Dentures™ in White Plains and Tarrytown, please call (914) 332-4402 or contact Advanced Dentistry of Tarrytown today for an appointment.