At Advanced Dentistry of Tarrytown, we strive to provide our patients with the most comprehensive dental care available today. This includes not only providing general dental services such as tooth cleanings, root canals, and periodontal treatments, but also cosmetic dentistry to ensure you have the beautiful smile you desire.

Tarrytown cosmetic dentists Dr. Wanda Mejia and Dr. George Sepiashvili have years of cosmetic dentistry experience. They’ve helped hundreds of men and women in our area achieve strong, functionally superior, and exquisitely beautiful smiles. By focusing cosmetic treatments on protecting and enhancing your overall oral health, we can customize your services to meet all of your functional and aesthetic needs.

If you’re looking for a smile that can change your life in Tarrytown or White Plains, please call (914) 332-4402 or email Advanced Dentistry of Tarrytown today.

The Appearance of Your Smile Matters

People think that “cosmetic” dentistry is frivolous, but looking attractive is actually an essential function of your teeth. We have so many muscles and nerves devoted to showing your teeth, that we can’t dismiss the essential role smiling plays in society and even in your emotional state. It’s not just that we smile when we’re happy, smiling can make us happy.

A good-looking smile is a personal and professional asset. Surveys have shown that your smile is the thing people are most likely to remember from a first impression—not your words, not your clothes, and not your hair. An attractive smile is consistently rated as the most important thing people are looking for in a date. Also, people with attractive smiles are more likely to get hired and offered more money.

Our Cosmetic Dentistry Options

Our cosmetic dentists offer a number of services to correct common cosmetic dental problems. Cosmetic dentistry options at our comfortable Tarrytown office include:

Even general dentistry services such as dental crowns can be combined to create a complete smile makeover. This helps us address all of your cosmetic issues with a focus on improving bite and providing you with the beautiful smile you deserve.

Your Perfect Smile

Every smile has unique needs and no single option is ever ideal for every problem. Dr. Mejia is an experienced cosmetic dentist who strongly believes in providing individual attention to each patient she sees. When you come to our office, Dr. Mejia will take the time necessary to understand your particular concerns and work to customize your services to meet your specific needs. This may include combining general and cosmetic dentistry services as well as correcting underlying issues such as malocclusion or TMJ.

Our primary concerns are your health and happiness. Working with you on a personal basis, we are confident we can provide you with all of the services you need to obtain and maintain a stunningly beautiful smile.

If you live in Tarrytown or surrounding areas of Westchester County, New York, we can help with the appearance of your smile. Please call (914) 332-4402 or contact Advanced Dentistry of Tarrytown today to schedule a cosmetic dentistry consultation.